Advancing the interests of dried fruit & tree nut processors

Who We Are

DFA of California is a service-first organization. We’re the commodity supervisors you’ve built relationships with, the scientists on call, and the team ready to advocate for our members. Over the last 113 years, we’ve continued to harness the collective power of multiple commodity groups to ensure market access, invest in industry-defining research, and ensure our member’s products are of the highest quality.

We aren’t just a group of faceless corporations. We are a local organization owned by local companies, We’re people with stories, values, and a heritage we share with you. 


Solution-oriented cutting-edge research to advance the dried fruit and tree nut industry

Commodity inspection

Inbound and outbound quality inspection and certification based on USDA and custom standards to keep your customers happy

Member Service

Straight-forward member services designed to keep members happy with like inspection, free training, and special events


Keenan Farms

Keenan Farms began in 1972 when the adventurous entrepreneur Charles Keenan purchased 100 acres of newly planted pistachio trees in Avenal, California. Knowing what we know today, no one would have questioned the wisdom of his decision but at the time, little was known about growing pistachios. In fact, until 1976 when the state produced its first commercial crop, pistachios were grown primarily only in the Middle East.

With the DFA, You're Never On Your Own

Membership is the heart of DFA. Our early leaders recognized industry issues could be addressed more effectively by working together rather than working individually. They established the DFA to harness its collective strength, tackle the big issues of the day, and bring greater value to the products grown, packed, and marketed by its members. 

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